Getting Rid of Excess Moisture

We have been dealing with a bit of a water problem here for quite some time and it finally got to the point where I knew we couldn’t handle it on our own.  We were over our heads and losing the battle, so I decided to find someone that did flood extraction for a living.  We needed to get rid of this water before we had mold problems or health issues.

It was my fist time using any kind of service like this, so I didn’t know what to expect, but thankfully the professionals that came over to deal with my moisture issues worked quickly and efficiently to get the problem dealt with.  In fact, you can see a picture of some of the work that they did below:


I’m just happy that we were able to find someone that was able to help us out with this issue – I hate to think what might have happened if it had gotten out of control and then we would have had to deal with mold.  I’m allergic to mold, so it is smarter for me to avoid it whenever possible, so even though this is something that I hoped that I would never have had to deal with, at least the outcome was a positive one.


Sitting Down for a Movie Night

With work being so busy, I just haven’t had time to kick back and relax.  You know how it is: sometimes you put your head down to get the work done, and when you look back up, months have passed.

That is exactly how it has worked out for me.

But that all changes today.

In fact, I am planning to watch the Secret Life of Walter Mitty tonight – I hope it is as good as the reviews say.